Kiris Dahn

The human town of Kiris Dahn survived decades after Nerath’s fall. During its most prosperous days, the ruler comissioned a number of powerful magic stones from a group of Tiefling artificers. These stones, called Slaying Stones, were used to defeat the leaders of any army that attacked the town, and ensured its safety. However, as the decades wore on, the eight stones that were comissioned had been spent.

Eight years prior to the attack on Fallcrest by the Host of the Elemental Eye, a goblin army attacked Kiris Dahn. The town had endured a long decline under the Kiris family, and the citizens abandoned the city and its ruler, Kiris Alkirk. Left with only his advisor Treona, Alkirk too retreated the city to live in obscurity. The goblins overran the town and renamed it Gorzibadd.

A few months prior to the attack on Fallcrest, Treona discovered startling information in some documents she had kept: there had been nine slaying stones comissioned, not eight. One stone had been lost, but it surely still lay in the ruins of the once-great Kiris Dahn. Not long after, a group of travelers happened across the road next to the small stone tower that served as Treona’s home, under attack by a pack of wolves. Observing the skill at which the travelers dealt with the lupine beasts, Treona called them inside. Treona shared what she knew with the travelers, and introduced them to another visitor of hers: Alkirk, who had been on his way back to his modest estate in Moonstair. Together, the seer and the noble asked the travelers to venture into the ruins to retrieve this last Slaying Stone, that they might prevent it from being used by the goblins. The travelers accepted, and departed the following morning.

Major Landmarks

Kiris Dahn

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